aldose (plural aldoses)

  1. (chemistry) any of a class of monosaccharides having an aldehyde or hemiacetal functional group

6 letters in word "aldose": A D E L O S.

No anagrams for aldose found in this word list.

Words found within aldose:

ad ado ados ads ae al ale ales alod alods aloe aloed aloes als also as da dae daes dal dale dales dals das de deal deals del dels do doe does dol dole doles dols dos dose dso ea eas ed eds el eld elds els es la lad lade lades lads las lase lased lea lead leads leas led les lo load loads lode lodes los lose losed od oda odal odals odas ode odea odes ods oe oes old olde olds ole olea oles os ose sad sade sae sal sale sea seal sed sel seld slade slae sled sloe so sod soda sol sola sold solde sole soled